The SnowEx liquid de-icing system

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At the first sign of icy conditions the increasingly popular practice of spraying brine solution comes into its own. An excellent alternative to salt and grit spreading, brine is easily applied with the SnowEx VSS liquid de-icing system.

SnowEx liquid de ice VSS 3000 Main Image
Currently there are two models available, the VSS-1000 and VSS-2000. The smallest, in the shape of the VSS-1000 has a 378 litre tank capacity and a 30m heavy-duty hose and lance fitted as standard. It's ideal for use with pick-up trucks and flat beds or it can be easily mounted on a trailer, offering a versatile and adaptable system for all liquid de-icing materials.

There are spray nozzles mounted in the boom offering single jet, triple jet or wide fan spraying with zone spraying control. You choose any combination of boom, left or right kerb and there is an optional spray lance. The spray width is up to 1.8m and power is reliable 12v with digital control. The VSS-1000 is ideal for councils and contractors applying brine in sensitive and hard to reach places.

Contractors carrying out de-icing work on a larger scale will benefit from the larger VSS-2000 with its huge 757 litre tank. Mounted on pick-ups and flat bed trucks, there are baffles in the tank to prevent liquid unsettling the balance of the vehicle. The spray width is up to 7.6 metres.

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