The Toro Groundsmaster 360 represents an entirely new category of mower.

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IMG 1185The Toro Groundsmaster 360 represents an entirely new category of mower, It combines the best control features of the traditional out front rotary mowers with the productivity and agility of a zero turn radius mower.

The result is unmatched productivity coupled with unprecedented manoeuvrability. The mowers have undertaken a series of trials on golf couses and local authority sites in many countries, with operators being very impressed with its performance.

I had the opportunity to try out the mower at a recent press launch and was equally impressed by its manoevrability, zero turn cutting performance and speed across the ground.

Major selling points, in my opinion, are operator comfort, easy to use controls and the ability of the mower to be used for other tasks .

The Groundsmaster 360 features the Quad-SteerTM four-wheel steering system which, with the control provided by a steering wheel, minimises turf damage in even the tightest turns. Ackerman four wheel steering to achieve a combination of maneuverability and control not experienced before in a mower. The principle of Ackermann steering enables the inside and outside tires to turn around a common pivot point in a corner or curve.

Ergonomics and driver comfort are important features of the Groundsmaster 360 with clear sight-lines, fingertip controls and a suspension seat with isolation mounts. The factory installed cab includes heating, air conditioning and an air suspension seat. A comprehensive range of attachments is also available

IMG 2174Familiarity with steering wheel operation, vs stick steering, enables operators to learn quickly how to mow cramped, difficult areas. The back of the machine follows within the width of the deck, allowing operators to trim and manoeuvre without damage to turf, equipment or property. During turns, the Quad-Steer™ utilises the Automatic Speed Control (ASC) to modulate the ground speed to maintain control and minimise turf damage. Mow speed can be limited with an optional speed limiter that automatically reduces mow speeds to 8 - 10 mph.

The mower is powered by a proven 36 hp Kubota® 1505-4 cylinder diesel engine, (EPA Tier 4 Interim compliant, B20 compatible) and features integrated transmission with two independent closed loop pump circuits in a single housing to reduce maintenance, improve transmission durability and lower operator sound levels.

The new product is available in either two-wheel or four-wheel drive, or fourwheel drive with a factory-installed cab. The 183cm (72") cutting deck, proven on the Groundsmaster 7200 Series, is available in either side-discharge, rear-discharge or recycler configuration.

The factory installed, permanent cab protects the operator with a four-post, rollover protection structure (ROPS), tempered IMG 2175safety glass and climate controlled environment. The operator platform is isolation mounted to reduce noise and vibration. The rear and side windows open for ventilation. A windshield washer and wiper help maintain visibility when the weather turns bad. Cloth Grammar seat with Air Ride suspension comes standard.

The mower is equipped with a Quick Attach System (QAS) (4WD only) offering the ability to attach a wide range of attachements. This allows change over of attachments by one person in a matter of 60 seconds. Winter attachments include snow thrower, rotary broom, angled blade, and v-plow. These same attachments also function with the GM7200 PolarTrac™ QAS.

Mowing decks are simple to operate with HOC set using a hole and pin system common in the industry and can be set from 1 to 6 inches in ¼" increments. There is also a transport setting that raises the deck over 6".

GM360 Features & Benefits
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