The Warwickshire adds another dimension with Otterbine Aeration Fountains

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ottobine fountains The Warwickshire adds another dimension with Otterbine Aeration Fountains

To improve water quality and provide a stunning display, The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club has installed Otterbine aerating fountains in two of the nine lakes on its 465-acre site.

Course manager Daniel Rowe explains: "We use one of our lakes as a water source for irrigation and we needed to find a way to improve the water quality and keep algae to a minimum. We had a 5hp Sunburst aerating fountain installed and quickly saw results. It really keeps the water clear and looks great too."

Since then, the club has invested in two more Sunburst units for a second lake, which is overlooked by a newly-built gym. "From an aesthetic point of view it was the perfect place to install the fountains," says Daniel, "and they look fantastic. In addition, golfers have to play over the lake as part of the 3rd hole - which is a particularly challenging part of the course. Since we had the Otterbines installed golfers play between the two fountains, which adds yet another dimension.

"We've had so many compliments from players and guests about the fountains. They have made significant improvements all round, not just to water quality, which is vital, but they've helped to enhance the experience we provide visitors by creating the most pleasing environment. In the future we hope to install more Otterbine units in our lakes."

The fountains on the 3rd hole were installed by Topturf Irrigation. "They were very professional and did a great job," Daniel added.
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