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As if it wasn't enough to have a new capsule range and a new tractor, distributor Reesink is as usual bringing you more.

There's the popular T393 and the SICMA RC rotary tiller.

Launched at SALTEX 2017, the T393 sits in the same compact range as the new T194 and has already established itself in the UK market as a comprehensive workhorse, a tractor that can take on the small and big jobs with ease and bridge the gap between the compact utility range and the mid-duty range.

TYM sales manager Steven Haynes says: "The T393 has done hugely well in the UK in its first year, the fact that it's able to do a lot of the tough stuff as a compact is a major benefit."

Just like the new 1st Products capsule range, SICMA's rear mounted tractor attachments are a complementary fit with TYM and have been introduced to increase the options for use customers get from their tractor.

"Reesink is careful in selecting which items to pair up with existing products," says Steven. "But with both SICMA, and 1st Products, it was an easy decision to make. The quality is there on all sides, they're easy to use and work well together.

"Tractors are of course designed as implement carriers. Making use of this capability with attachments rather than bringing in additional machines for mowing, tilling and shredding saves space in the shed and is much more economical."

The RC tiller is designed to suit a 30-55hp tractor. It's great for typical soil conditions thanks to the six curved blades per flange which are mounted in a spiral line.

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