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Etesia hydo scarifier For grounds maintenance personnel, signs of early spring herald the time for the first scarifying of turf.

Because large grassed sites such as football and hockey pitches, fairways, amenity areas and parkland are formed from thousands of single plants, each with its own life cycle, there is a continual dying and regenerating process going on. This is just one example of how dead matter can accumulate in the turf. If it fails to decompose quickly, thatch builds up and the development of new healthy growth becomes restricted.

Scarifying and then clearing away the debris from wide open spaces of this size is often a laborious and time consuming task - this is one reason why Etesia has developed the MSC124 front-mounted scarifier for their Hydro 124DN ride-on rotary. The big advantage with this highly efficient turfcare system from Etesia is that scarification and collection of the debris is carried out in just one pass. All unwanted matter is picked up by the mower's large capacity 600 litre high-lift collector. When emptying, this has a maximum height clearance of up to 1.8m for disposal into a truck or trailer.

With a working width of 1.25 metres, the MSC124 scarifier comprises two separate floating heads designed to follow ground contours and leave a quality finish. Driven off the machine's hydraulic system, the units have a series of 2mm blades with variable depth adjustment.

The twin units can be lifted for transporting between sites and are retractable for passing through narrow entrances. No special tools are required to fit the MSC scarifier on to the PTO of Etesia's H124DN ride-on rotary, making installation quick and easy.

With a fast top working speed of 16km/h and powered by a 25hp water-cooled Lombardini diesel, Etesia's Hydro 124DN is rated for its efficiency when cutting and collecting. In scarifying mode, this high output relates to a real benefit, especially on larger sites.

Scarifying is a seasonal activity, so it makes sense not to have expensive, dedicated powered equipment lying idle during certain periods of the year. Priced at only £2430 plus VAT, Etesia's MSC scarifier attachment cost effectively utilises the existing power source of its host ride-on mower to efficiently remove unwanted organic matter and encourage healthy turf.

Scarifying plays an important role in the management of professional playing surfaces. During the season, Etesia's Hydro 124DN ride-on rotary with its exceptional cutting and collecting capabilities will ensure a superb finish. Scarifying can easily be carried out as and when required through the simple addition of the MSC124 attachment.
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