Time to turf out the rugger boys

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What do you think about the dual use of stadium pitches? A recent article in The Sunday Mail highlighted Sir Bobby Robson's concerns about Football Clubs who share their pitch with a Rugby Club.

Some clubs have coped well, others have not. What do you think?

Some thoughts?

  • Should football clubs share their facilities?
  • Is it a case of the club not having a pitch that has been designed to cope with this amount of traffic and wear?
  • Or is it a case of clubs not providing the necessary resources to maintain their pitches?

Please read the article and post your comments!

What does the name Premier suggest? My definition would be something of the highest quality, not average or sub-standard. In most ways, our Premier League lives up to its billing. It's why we have four teams in the Champions League quarter-finals and why fans around the world watch our football.

Yet, this afternoon, a Premier League game between Wigan and Bolton - which could be worth £30 million to each team - will be played on an appalling pitch. Survival in a first-class league could be settled on a third-class surface, and I don't know why it is happening in 2008.

Read the rest of the article, click on the following link:- The Sunday Mail

In response to this Dave Whelan has replied with the following statement :-

I revealed last week that plans were in place to replace the pitch and this will happen in June because we plan to spend between £300,000 and £500,000 getting things right.

The River Douglas flooded in January, drains blocked and this is why we have had problems with the pitch. But initially it was one of those where plastic was sewn into the grass, it hasn't worked out, it's time for change. We need a better surface and we'll have one next season.

See link :- Manchester Evening News

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