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PR4003 James WilkinsonTo get the very best results from your aeration regime, try Toro's Titan Tines. Compatible with Toro's popular and proven ProCore aerators, Toro's ultra-durable Titan Tines are the turf professional's secret weapon when it comes to achieving precise, consistent holes for faster turf recovery and a smooth finish.

Boasting a superior, clean-cut performance, Titan Tines are manufactured from a unique heat-treated metal alloy that provides maximum strength and resistance while allowing for thinner tine walls for improved core-pull and hole quality. What's more, Titan Tines will last three to four times longer than standard tines - in fact, Toro's Titan Max Tines are the longest-lasting on the market, thanks to their robust tungsten-carbide-blend tip, for an impressive 19 to 24 percent longer life.

With over 150 tines to choose from, there's one to suit every turf application, soil situation, season and Toro ProCore aerator, from the 648 pedestrian machine or 864 and 1298 tractor-mounted models to the SR Series deep-tine aerators. Titan Tines are also compatible with most leading manufacturers' models, meaning you can optimise your aeration programme without having to invest in a new machine.

If you've used inferior or spurious tines you'll be familiar with the aeration headaches these can cause. Operators forever find themselves changing broken or bent tines, or unclogging cores while on the job, plus collecting core debris and repairing damage post aeration. And even more man-hours and money are wasted buying and applying replacement tines. So, to put a stop to these problems, opt for Toro's Titan Tines.

Customer testimonial

But don't just take Toro's word for it! The Buckinghamshire Golf Club in Denham is one of the countless customers to rely on Titan Tines for its aeration regime. The club's workshop manager James Wilkinson - well-versed in all things Toro servicing and parts - shares his thoughts on Toro's Titan Tines…

PR4003 Buckinghamshire GC"We have a ProCore 648, which we've had since 2006 and use up to 10 to 15 times a year for a variety of jobs across the course. I swear by Titan Tines. For the greens we use a 3/4in QuickChange mount block with a 1/2in or a 3/8in carbide-tipped hollow tine work-hole, and a 7/8in mount block with a 3/8in hardened solid tine. For tees and surrounds we use either a 3/4in mount with 1/2in or 5/8in hardened tine, or hollow carbide-tipped tine, as well as a 7/8in mount block with a 3/8in hardened solid tine, or a 3/8in side-ejecting tine, depending on the job in hand.

"We have very soft sand-based greens, which means the tines go in and out quite easily, but we still have the carbide tips on everything - they're so hard-wearing. They're not like standard tines that do 18 greens and then have to be thrown away. You can use them again and again. For example, we've used our 7/8in mount block with a 3/8in hardened tine for 72 holes and they're only now ready to be changed. And our carbide-tipped hollow tines have been used for almost 54. They've really proved their worth.

"I use genuine Toro tines because you know they're going to do what they're supposed to do. I've known other hardened-tipped tines to lose their tip in the green and get stuck there - they can cause untold damage to your mowers. Titan Tines last longer and there's such a big range to suit all sorts of jobs. Better still, operators can change the tines while out on the job - it's not a specialist task and you don't need any tools - anyone can do it, which makes my job easier!"

For more information on Toro's Titan Tines, contact distributor Lely UK's Toro parts department on 01480 226870, email toro.parts.uk@lely.com or visit www.toro.com.

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