TMSystem improves with universal yoke for machine attachment

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ATT's TMSystem™ consists of 10 individually constructed SMART cassettes designed to provide the ultimate in fine turf maintenance.

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These cassettes are easily swapped out of the power unit, be it ATT's own 22" dedicated pedestrian unit or any main-stream make of triplex greens or lightweight fairway mower (like John Deere, Toro, and Jacobsen), by the use of a universal chassis. Previously however, the chassis has had to be attached to the machine in question by an OEM style yoke - but no longer.

The TMSystem™ is such a versatile design that it is not reliant on any one make of manufacturer's machine. This enables the user to easily change brands if they so wish but they still need to purchase manufacturer's OEM yokes. Whilst this can still be possible, the introduction of a new universal ATT yoke now offers the user a different option. From now on only a minor adaptor plate will need to be changed. All production has now switched over to this new design, which can also be retro fitted to existing units. Of course OEM yokes can still be used if the user so wishes.

Time to swap out a complete unit (combined chassis and cassette) from say a triplex to a fairway mower, or indeed to ATT's INFiNiSystem™ pedestrian unit, will be greatly reduced. Golf Clubs that are using a triple for mowing the greens, and then want to use the same cutting units on a fairway mower, will find the change much swifter and lead to better use of time. The new set-up also now permits the interchangeability of some OEM grass baskets between mowers.

This new design came out of the requirement to make a 22" chassis that would fit an 18"Jacobsen LF1880. This fairway mower is a mainstay of the industry being very light and relatively low cost. Being able to convert its use for the TMSystem™ has given it a much needed new lease of life - its shortcomings in being only 18" now overcome. Other brands of 18" fairway mowers can similarly be adapted.

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