Tony Patching overview

Tony Patchingin Bowls


Head Greenkeeper, Worthing


I've been interested in horticulture since I was 9 years old. My first job was on the commercial side growing all year round geraniums, before moving into Local Authority work.

For most of my 21 years as a Greenkeeper I have been involved with bowls but I also spent 4 years in golf, and at times I have been responsible for maintaining football and cricket pitches.

The crowning moment in my career, I suppose, was to prepare the Worthing greens for the World Bowls in 1992. Prior to that I also had the honor of preparing the greens for the BBC Jack High programme.

At the moment I am involved in a number of duties outside Green keeping, but I still help with the greens at Worthing. I give advice to other Green keepers through the English Bowling Association's Green keepers advisory scheme. I am a firm believer in education - I have been fortunate in getting qualified up to NVQ level 4 City and Guilds - and sharing advice with others.

Through my involvement with I hope to pass on some of my knowledge and experience to the up and coming young Green keepers in our industry.

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