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MS 4500TurfEx top dressers have a formidable reputation with existing users and when you take a look at the features you can see why.

Dual variable speed controllers with digital readout, a flow gate with integral auger tube, patented motor and transmission drives, a patented material flow system and the benefit of a two year warranty can't be ignored. Add in the semi-sealed 12 volt DC motor for electrical operation and you have a top dresser that has no fuel, no oil, won't leak all over your turf and there are no fumes to pollute the atmosphere. Ideal for spreading large amounts of seed and fertilizer, the TurfEx top dressers will also capably manage bulkier materials such as organics, compost, soil conditioners, free-flowing sand or lime and a lot more besides.

ou can choose the MS-2000, designed to bed mount in a utility vehicle or the MS-4500 trailed option with its own integral trailer. The quick connect spinner assembly, with its stainless steel spinner, uses a material control tube for accurate calibration, ideal for fine granular fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and seeds. There's no wastage and no excess of materials left in the turf. Spreading width is up to 30' so you have fast, accurate dressing for maximum productivity.

These top dressers keep on looking good too, with the hopper construction in one piece LLDPE tan polyethylene and the frame built in heavy gauge steel with black HRPE powder coating, they are made to last. There is the choice of the MS-2000 for the 11 cubic feet capacity or the MS-4500 for a capacity of 1.4 cubic yards. Either way you'll be happy to be seen out working with them. Broadwood International 01420 478111

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