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Kerry Haywoodin Editorial

Golf clubs and summer sports venues will have finished their renovations by now and football stadiums are full again - which is a very different place to where we were this time last year!

In only a matter of days, many of us will return to the NEC to attend Saltex and it will be so good to discover what's new and what we have missed, speak to industry experts and catch up with old faces. We still must hope that there will be no further lockdowns going into winter which might threaten BTME … but surely that could never happen?

However, as our world returns to a new normal - albeit with energy and fuel prices rising beyond belief and far too many other issues to mention - we too have to look at what is happening in our industry and address some important factors.

Course Manager Danny Patten has done just that in a candid interview. He speaks out on how social media superstars aren't doing anything for the industry, the frightening amount of people leaving due to mental health issues and how the governing bodies aren't doing enough. The interview starts on page 14 of the Oct/Nov issue.

When you speak to people and review social media platforms, there appears to be five main gripes within our industry: the weather, club members, recruiting new people, wages/working hours, along with withdrawn products and dealing with diseases.

Right across the board, regardless of the sport, the most important factor is the surfaces in play and, aside from top clubs and major venues, it seems that employers do not appreciate how much time, effort and skill is required. Top turfcare professionals are highly skilled, highly qualified and, most importantly, highly motivated to provide the best playing surface possible, and that needs to be recognised across the board.

There are many factors affecting a groundsperson's enjoyment and wellbeing and more needs to be done to overcome these issues.

In this issue, we also have an interesting viewpoint surrounding climate change and the effects on our wildlife and what we can do to make an impact on change (page 94).

The eagle-eyed readers among you will have noticed this is issue 99. Keep a close eye on our website and social media platforms for more information and exciting news about our upcoming 100th issue free draw!

Watch this space …

Kerry Haywood

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