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James Matthewman highlights some simple tools and objectives he has recently learnt after successfully completing a leadership and management apprenticeship.

A turf manager has to deal with a lot of stress and difficult times, but being there for your team and knowing how to lead your staff correctly and efficiently will create a happy workplace.


Having regular performance reviews is an excellent way of boosting the individuals confidence, whilst also giving constructive criticism and showing them where they can improve. It is also a useful way of listening to what they have to say and what things they think could be done better to improve the workplace.


A SWOT analysis is a very useful tool for any manager to use, whether it is used for themselves, an individual staff member or for a particular project. You can always use this analysis to find any positives and negatives.


Set SMART goals to clarify your ideas, focus your efforts, use your time and resources productively, and achieve what you want at work and in life.

Specific. Be specific in what needs to be done.

Measurable. Have measurable goals.

Achievable. Be sure that the goals are achievable.

Realistic. Set out tasks for the right individuals.

Time bound. Be sure to have a time limit for tasks.

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