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TurfExTopdresserThe professional groundsman wants to achieve the highest standards in green and turf care.

So, when it comes to topdressing and spreading it makes sense to compare today's topdressers with the traditional. It's likely, suggest Broadwood International, that you'll find the old style overweight and outdated when you look at the TurfEx range with its practical features, functions and thoroughly modern design.

The first things you'll notice are the non-corrosive polyethylene hoppers which are lighter in weight than steel hoppers, meaning you transport more product and less machine. You also run less risk of damaging fine turf. The powerful 12v electric motors are reliable and have none of the risks usually associated with hydraulic drives and petrol engines.

There's no risk of liquid spills on greens or turfs, no split hoses to repair and maintenance is very low.

The TurfEx topdressers and spreaders range from lightweight pedestrian spreaders, for seed, fertiliser and treating ice in the winter, to wheel driven spreaders with a spreading width of up to 9.1m, mounted spreaders for grass seed, fertiliser and lime, and mounted top dressers. The latter are capable of distributing larger amounts of seed and fertiliser and for more demanding applications such as organics, soil conditioners and free-flowing sand or lime.

Spreading is highly accurate with digital in-cab control from the comfort and safety of the operator's seat. The TurfEx top dressers and spreaders have found favour with golf and sports clubs, schools, hospitals and private estates and are very competitively priced.

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