Toro Consumer introduces new Grandstand mower

Sarah Taylorin Machinery & Mechanics

Toro has announced the launch of the new 36" (91cm) and 48" (122cm) Grandstand® mowers (models 74540TE and 74542TE). Available now, the new stand-on models have several enhanced features and accessories including rear discharge and a recycler kit.

The Toro Grandstand combines the speed and comfort of a zero-turn mower with the benefits of a professional walk-behind. Fast and manoeuvrable, the productive mower ensures the user can cover maximum area in minimal time. The cushioned suspension system, rear discharge deck and twin-levered steering controls also makes mowing easier for the operator.

The Grandstand 36" and 48" both feature a fold-up operator platform to allow the mower to convert to a walk-behind through the simple lowering function. The 36" model also has an ultra-compact footprint, making the mower ideal for smaller residential properties or areas with gates and tight spaces.

Where traction and handling are concerned, a wide stance and optimal balance enhance hillside stability and control, and the anti-fatigue rubber mat helps to reduce vibrations and improve footing.

Both Grandstand models are available with an optional Recycler® kit, which turns grass clippings into a fine nutrient rich mulch to nourish lawns all season.

Also available is the Rear Roller Striping Kit, which allows landscapers to create professional looking stripes and patterns in the lawn as they go. The kit is easily attached and detached from the mower, making it a great choice for those who want a little more versatility when they mow.

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