Toro rolls out lates product - the Greenspro 1200 greens roller

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PR4006 GreensPro actionThe latest launch from Toro distributor Lely UK is the GreensPro 1200 greens roller.

Transforming fine turf into a smooth, high-performance surface for optimum play, the GreensPro is ideal for use on golf courses, tennis courts, bowling greens and other fine turf applications.

The GreensPro offers the precise performance you'd expect from Toro. Key features include an offset roller design that delivers a consistent rolling pattern without leaving a roll line. A floating junction point also allows the rollers to move independently, following undulations in the terrain. In addition, a wide turning radius minimises scuffing and turf damage when the operator makes a turn at the end of each pass.

PR4006 GreensPro studioEasy-to-operate foot pedals control the speed of the side-to-side operation, while an adjustable seat makes the greens roller comfortable to use. A Honda engine powers it and provides a rolling width of 120cm/48in with a maximum ground speed of six miles per hour for great productivity. What's more, a single operator can quickly convert the machine from work to transport mode without tools.

Commenting on the UK launch of the greens roller, Lely's Toro national sales manager Jeff Anguige says: "The GreensPro 1200 is designed to smooth the turf while helping improve its health, consistency and playability - essential qualities for games played on fine turf. We're delighted to add it to our portfolio and to see Toro further expand its comprehensive range - we really are a one-stop-shop for fine turf machinery."

For more information about the new Toro GreensPro 1200 greens roller, contact your local Toro dealer. Alternatively, call distributor Lely UK on 01480 226800, email or visit

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