Toro signs up to support the IGCEMA’s new Certificate Programme

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The Toro Company has become the latest major machinery manufacturer to pledge its support for the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association's new Certificate Programme.

Launched last month, the programme provides turf equipment technicians with education and accreditation tailored to the repair and maintenance of turf equipment.

The first four study guides have been well received with over 100 books sold, and the programme continues to gain momentum around the world.

The IGCEMA's CEO, Stephen Tucker, said: "The Toro Company has supported us in the development of the programme from the initial concept, which further demonstrates its commitment to supporting the ongoing education of equipment technicians."

"A structured certificate programme is only valuable if the golf industry recognises it, and having Toro on board strengthens its value and adds to its profile immediately."

The Toro Company has announced its support of the IGCEMA Certificate Programme to its distributors. Toro distributor technicians can now choose the IGCEMA testing as part of their internal systems certification, a programme that was at one time only available to distributors in the U.S. Now, with the availability of the IGCEMA's online testing and proctor system, the programme can be undertaken anywhere.

Carl Osterhaus, The Toro Company's Service Education Manager stated: "Toro is firmly committed to educating and recognising turf industry equipment technicians around the world. The IGCEMA Certificate Programme is a major step forward in helping our turf equipment technicians around the world increase their level of knowledge and professionalism. Toro will continue to support these efforts for the benefit of technicians and the industry."

Further information about the IGCEMA Certificate Programme can be found at

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