Toro U.K. Ltd Employee Celebrates 35-Year Work Anniversary

Ellie Qureshiin General Interest

Toro U.K. Limited honored their long-term employee, Territory Sales Manager Alistair Tod, who recently celebrated his 35th anniversary with the company. Toro U.K. Ltd held a surprise celebration at the Douglas Hayter Visitors' Centre - newly refurbished to hold sales meetings and on-site training.

Alistair started his career in 1988 as a Technical Service Assistant and 8 months later was promoted to be a Territory Sales Manager. To put it in perspective, the year Alistair began his employment at Hayter was the same year that Margaret Thatcher became the longest-serving female Prime Minister of the 20th century in the U.K.

"Alistair is synonymous with the Hayter brand and has a wealth of knowledge. He is so well liked and respected by dealers and we were proud to celebrate his milestone," said Craig Hoare, Sales & Marketing Manager, Toro U.K. Limited.

Reminiscing on his time with the business, Alistair recalls that his first day in the office was "a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and the sales and service departments worked closely together. Everybody was so helpful which made it reassuring that I had joined a great company."

Alistair's career has spanned many product developments from the Hayter Jubilee range, the growth of the Commercial range, including Prostripe and zero-turn mowers, and the more recent transition to battery power.

For anyone thinking of joining the industry, Alistair's advice would be to "jump on board because you will be surprised where it can take you. The industry is so diversified, the opportunities are endless."

Alistair continues to look after the South-East region, with new and established Dealers who join us in congratulating Alistair on this milestone.
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