Tottenham Hotspur's smart pitch management system

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The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium features one of world's most advanced data driven pitch management systems. The system has been custom designed to be fully integrated into the new stadium, based on the demands and wishes of Tottenham Hotspur and the requirements of the new stadium.

2x revolutionary grow lighting systems

The connected system includes not one, but two revolutionary lighting systems that are fully integrated into the stadium architecture. One is the Integrated Solution, a fully automatic and remoted controlled HPS grow lighting system which is integrated into the stadium bowl. The other is a 100% LED system that illuminates the total pitch when it is placed under the stand. Both light sources have been chosen and developed based on the calculated light and heat demand of the grass in the different circumstances.

Data driven & connected

The growing conditions are measured 24/7 by the SGL analyzers, whereby the real-time data is displayed on the SGL Portal at all times. Calculations on this data are performed in the background continuously, which result in quality analyses and forecasts. This data is simultaneously converted into advice for the input to optimize grass quality and health, such as nutrition, irrigation and light, but also the use of the TC50 and UVC180.

The data and advice not only help the grounds team to keep their pitch in top condition, but also help to reduce costs. For example, the SGL growth model calculates where and how long to apply additional lighting in order to maintain the desired quality. The lighting systems can be operated from the Portal on any mobile device and can run on timers. This enables the grounds team to run the lights exactly the right number of hours required and not waste electricity.

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