Tough times call for a tough mower

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The Ransomes Parkway 3 Meteor mower is beginning its second season out in the field and is sure to have plenty to do following the wettest winter on record.

This ride-on triple-type mower is based on the principle of a flail with the cutting footprint of a cylinder mower. The Meteor maintains the robustness and versatility of a rotary mower while providing a more acceptable finish, especially in wet and heavy grass growth.

The cutting heads are capable of coping with longer grass than smaller cylinders and can give more options to the operator when faced to reduced cutting cycles.

Powered by a turbo-charged version of the Ransomes Parkway 3 tractor unit, the Meteor offers industry leading operator comfort with plenty of engine power, all encapsulated to deliver robust cutting machine.

With an unprecedented 2.15 metre (84.6") mowing width coupled with an impressive quality of cut, the new Meteor mower is specifically targeted at the municipal and landscape contract markets.

The traditional triple configuration allows the units to be raised creating a narrow transport width of approximately 1.55m (63"), ideal for manoeuvring through gateways and along paths. Individual cutting unit lift and lower provides the flexibility to navigate around obstacles such a lamp posts, benches and trees.

The compact Meteor heads follow ground contours more precisely than an out-front rotary and are more resistant to debris damage. Due to the cylindrical rota

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tion of the blades, cut grass is evenly dispersed behind the mower resulting in less clean-up on paths and roads.
The rear rollers leave a presentable striped finish.

Richard Comely, Director of Global Product Management at Ransomes Jacobsen said, "Major changes and constraints in the local authority and landscape contract sectors have forced owners and operators to find more productive and cost-effective methods of maintaining grassed areas.

With this in mind, we have developed the Ransomes Parkway 3 Meteor to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users."

The Meteor mowers float like a municipal ride-on triplex cylinder mower, following ground undulations and preventing scalping and turf damage.

Cutting in long wet grass is not an issue as the clippings are mulched by the powerful flail action preventing the clumping sometimes associated with a rotary deck.

The robust flails are designed to take knocks and cut through debris without the worry of damaging blades. For added flexibility the Meteor heads can be removed and replaced with standard Magna 250 cylinder units.

Lee Kristensen, Ransomes Jacobsen's product manager responsible for the introduction of the Meteor added, "We have designed the Meteor to fit a niche created by the changing demands of local authorities and grounds care contractors.

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We do not want to over promise on its ability, but Meteor can certainly provide a very acceptable solution to extended cutting regimes, where regular maintenance is performed less frequently and precludes cutting with cylinder mowers."

The Ransomes Meteor is particularly suited for the following areas:

Community Areas -The Meteor's resistance to debris damage and it's high productivity makes it more cost effective than traditional out-front rotary mowers. In addition, its ability to disperse clippings evenly reduces operator clean-up time. The Meteor is road legal for easy transport.

Parks - Individual control of the cutting heads gives the Meteor manoeuvrability similar to that of a triplex mower. It can cut close to and around obstacles such as trees, benches or playground equipment, and is capable of leaving a clean, even cylinder-style finish.

Verges - The Meteor can chew through debris and semi-brush conditions with ease. The width of cut and ground following are impressive, as is the clean finish in wet conditions. No clumping or heaps of grass pile up and significantly less grass is blown into roads or onto paths.

Central Reservations - Where cylinders are being replaced by rotaries, the Meteor has a real advantage. The Meteor is able to tackle a large range of cutting heights (25mm up to 200mm), without suffering from debris damage. With industry leading operator comfort and optional TST stability system, the Meteor offers major flexibility for municipal mowing.

Municipal Sports Fields - With the ability to cut down to 25mm (1"), the Meteor has been designed to work on areas of regularly maintained turf as well. Again, it leaves a quality finish with stripes, without clumping or leaving heaps of grass. The 2.15m (84.6") width of cut and Parkway 3 Turbo tractor unit deliver high performance mowing.

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Lee Kristensen concluded saying, "The Meteor has been developed to meet the mowing needs in the most demanding environments. If customers need a mower that can take a knock and cut down taller grasses, then we have the answer.

If they want a mower that floats like a cylinder and cuts beautifully in heavy, wet conditions, then we have the answer.

Mind you, we've been providing innovative mowing solutions for centuries and the Meteor is yet another example of how we listen to our customers and deliver to match and exceed their needs."

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