Tough Trailer tips from Wessex

Tony Hawkinsin Machinery & Mechanics

Trailers have to take a lot of punishment so it makes sense when you're looking for one to make sure it's up to the job. You want value for money but it's no good finding a short distance down the road your trailer is beginning to fray at the edges.

Wessex Country Trailer 0714
Wessex International have a reputation for building tough trailers, each with a powerful hydraulic tipping ram and the versatility needed for all types of work. Both the Wessex 1.5 ton and 3 ton trailers are built for the demands of professionals and feature removable sides and tailgates.

There are the options of a parking brake, lighting board for road use and mesh side extensions, which are ideal for transporting bulk materials such as green waste. Low pressure tyres come as standard to protect fine lawns and grass from tyre damage.

The Wessex trailer is ideal for groundsmen, private schools, amenity operators and sports clubs. If your needs are more for a private estate, large gardens or a smallholding, the Wessex CountryLine 1.25 ton hydraulic tipping trailer could fit the bill.

Featuring all-steel construction with removable sides and tailgate it's compact yet robust enough for most tasks. Mesh side extensions are available as an optional extra for transporting bulky material and there is a parking jack as standard.

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