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Faversham Golf Club - ACO GroundGuard.jpgTo preserve the natural appearance of its course, Faversham Golf Club in Kent has turned to ACO GroundGuard to repair key areas of its grassed playing surface that had been subjected to extreme wear - a common problem for many courses.

The award winning modular grid system has been used to promote natural grass growth, stabilise the soil condition and improve surface water drainage in locations where standing water combined with high levels of foot and trolley traffic had badly damaged the existing surface.

"Areas around the first and forth tees had become so worn that during heavy downpours the surface, which was simply exposed soil, presented a dangerous slip hazard for players," says John Edgington, General Manager at the historic course. "We needed a solution that could stabilise the soil and, critically, allow grass to flourish. Members are drawn to the natural beauty of our setting so securing the growth of grass in these areas to preserve the visual appeal of the course was a priority."

An eight square metre area around the first tee was selected to trial the ACO GroundGuard system. "As installation didn't required any special equipment or expertise we were able to quickly complete the job ourselves. The drainage and stability of the area improved immediately and within weeks the grass seeded within the grid had grown to blend perfectly with the surroundings."

Faversham Golf Club  GroundGuard.jpgAfter this successful trail a 16 square metre area at the forth tee was repaired with similarly impressive results. Many smaller areas around the course followed. "As ACO GroundGuard is supplied in small, easy to handle sheets we can quickly repair any vulnerable location no matter what size.

The greenkeeping team enjoy working with the product and our members have appreciated the improved quality of the course surface. We now keep a good stock of GroundGuard on site!"

ACO GroundGuard is manufactured from recycled polymer in lightweight slabs 4cm deep, 60cm long and 40cm wide. No special tools, expertise or extensive ground preparations are required to install the system; individual slabs are simply clipped together and outer edges cut or trimmed to any shape for the perfect finish.

Recognised by the Association of Professional Landscapers, ACO GroundGuard's open grid structure allows it to be seeded with grass or back-filled with gravel to create high load-bearing surfaces of any size that blend perfectly with their surroundings. Capable of supporting 250 tonnes per square metre, it is specifically designed to create access routes, car parks and pedestrian pathways.

The open structure allows water to quickly penetrate through the grid to the underlying top soil. This eliminates the expense of having to install a supplementary drainage system, reduces the risk of flooding and is more environmentally sustainable.

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Picture:-John Edgington, General Manager at Faversham Golf Club has used ACO GroundGuard to repair key areas of the playing surface.

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