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BCS Snow Blower WorkingIn preparation for winter, Tracmaster, leading landscape and groundcare machinery expert, has expanded its range of BCS snow clearing machines. The BCS 720 and the BCS 740 have been added to Tracmaster's snow clearing machinery to offer customers increased versatility. These latest additions mean that there are now up to 25 different attachments available for use with the range allowing customers to select exactly the right machine to both clear snow and offer year round groundcare.

The addition of the two new 700 series units to the range means Tracmaster's BCS snow clearing machines now comes in four sizes. The BCS 720 has a capacity to clear up to 2,500m² of snow per hour, but it is not only great at clearing snow it is also a fantastic rotovator. Top of the range the BCS 740 is now Tracmaster's most powerful snow clearing machine able to clear 4,000m² of snow per hour with the added versatility of being able to operate over 25 attachments. Meanwhile, the established 600 series includes the entry level BCS 615L, which is compact and easy to use, clearing up to 2,500 per hour; and Tracmaster's popular BCS 630 that will clear up to 4,000m².

Offering effective snow clearance and year-round groundcare, the BCS range will clear all types of snow; from pushing aside and sweeping it, to throwing and propelling snow 16m away. Key for keeping areas clear that need to be accessible when it snows, the BCS range is robust, reliable and efficiently clears snow from many different terrains. Whether synthetic turf, car parks, paths, driveways or access roads, Tracmaster's snow clearing machinery provides the right solution by attaching one of four different implements to the BCS power units: the snow plough; snow brush; and snow blade.

As well as offering specialised snow clearance, Tracmaster's BCS range is also capable of operating a raft of other groundcare implements. With over 25 attachments available to use with the power units the machines can be used all year round, providing great value for money and incredible versatility. These implements include: scythe; rotary mower; mulching mower; flail mower; hay rake; chipper-shredder; and power brush.

Alex Pitt, Sales and Marketing Director at Tracmaster, said "At Tracmaster we develop our product range to meet customer demand. As a result, this year we have added two further power units to our snow clearing range allowing us to offer the versatility of over 25 different attachments. We have also designed and developed new safety features for our snow clearing machinery aimed specifically at the local authority sector."

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