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Classen has introduced a new hydrostatic overseeder to the Classsen range of turf care equipment.

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Self propelled, with hydrostatic drive for smooth, consistent power flow, the Classen HTS-20H is packed with features to make your seeding easier. A unique 40lb/18kg floating seed box follows the contours of bumpy, undulating terrain or locks in place in any of ten depth settings for seeding on hills and slopes. As a result you get the perfect germination.

More blades also equal better germination and this new overseeder offers more seed rows placed closer together to produce thicker turf, faster. There are thirteen double bladed shafts, making twenty-six blades in all, spaced a narrow 1.5"/3.8cm apart to give carpet-like seed coverage even on the bumpiest terrain. There's a single lever for forward and reverse gear, with the Honda GX270 engine providing speeds up to 3 mph/4.8kph going forward and 1.5 mph/2.4 kph in reverse, so you can whisk through the work. A speed dial and onboard instruction chart allows you to set the exact seed size so you can achieve precision seeding without seed waste.

Fitted with turf tread flotation tyres to produce less pressure per square inch, the Classen HTS-20H gives you exceptional balance and stability on slopes and in straight lines, with reduced soil compaction and tyre ruts. Another neat feature, the 26 heat-treated blades have cutting edges on both ends: rotate them through 180º and you have double the blade life. At the end of the day you can fold down the handle for easy transportation and storage.

All in all, the new Classen overseeder comes with a 2-year warranty and is ideal for the busy turf professional and hire outlets.

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