Tree Management Seminar – 25th May 2010

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TMS Seminar.jpgTree Management Seminar - 25th May 2010, Ramada Jarvis Watford

Trees contribute positively to the spaces in which people live. However, trees are liabilities as well as assets and landowners have legal duties to manage risks associated with trees.

Typically in our experience, the initial organisational response to the issue of tree risk is to commission a survey. Invariably, the survey identifies a volume of tree works, which may or may not be prioritised. These works may be issued to a preferred contractor, or subject to competitive quotation. However, this is where the greatest risks to you and your organisation may arise. The seminar discusses tree related risks, your legal duties in respect of those risks and how they might be effectively managed.

The seminar will then begin to look in detail at an issue of particular relevance to Housing Associations - 'Tenant-led services'. Specifically, we will look at:

Tree Policy development
Tenant Consultation

As part of this, the seminar will also look at an LPL product currently in development, namely "browser-based GIS". LPL believes "browser-based GIS" can effectively disseminate information across your organisation, produce process efficiencies and facilitate truly "Tenant-led" services, for instance in respect of ground maintenance.

We will then turn to an insurance perspective on risk management to consider how best to fulfil your policy obligations and hopefully manage down your insurance costs.

If you are interested in attending, please visit, email or call 01206 224 781.

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