Trencher Hire plays key role in keeping project costs down

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When a customer of broadband and telecoms provider 2020 Networks took the decision to transfer their phone system over to VoIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocol) they could never have envisaged the potential costs involved.

For BT Openreach quoted an 'eye-watering' £13,000 to undertake the associated engineering works in order for the new fibre to be installed. Mick Clarke, Partner with broadband and VoIP provider 2020 Networks, said that not surprisingly another way forward was needed and Trencher Hire UK was instrumental in helping cut costs by many thousands of pounds.

"Our customer was located on the edge of an industrial estate in Simonswood near Kirkby in Liverpool and, because their existing broadband connections were so poor, wanted to move over to VoIP, which is the future of telephony."

"We proposed a 150mb leased line, but Openreach quoted over £10k in ECCs to get the fibre in. We therefore decided to arrange the civils ourselves. The cost of hiring a mini-excavator with operator would have been around £2k. However, we found a much more efficient and cost-effective option by hiring a Toro TRX-16 pedestrian trencher with operator from Trencher Hire UK."

"A 170 metres long trench was dug-out to a depth of around 400mm, with 170 metres of 50mm duct being installed, as well as three chambers. The cost of all the civils, which included the hiring of three labourers over a couple of days, cost just £1,500. I also undertook some of the work myself."

"The Toro TRX-16 was a tremendous piece of kit and the work was undertaken in just three hours. The service from Trencher Hire UK was really excellent with clear responses and the unit delivered on time and was extremely good value."

2020 Networks offers two hosted VoIP and SIP platforms that provide services either on a 'per channel basis,' or via extensions with inclusive minutes.

VoIP uses a dedicated broadband line to process voice traffic. In simple terms, it turns your voice into data packets and sends them instantly over your existing broadband network to the person you're calling. The callee won't notice anything different, they still hear your voice as normal. The call quality will be the same as, or better than, any existing landline service.

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