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DSCF5312Trilo is a leading brand in the European market. The core of Trilo's product range is shaped by vacuum sweepers, leaf blowers and top quality turf equipment. The company is located in The Netherlands city of Amersfoort and is represented in the UK by Newmarket based The Grass Group. TGG's MD Tim Merrell extended an invitation to the press to visit the manufacturing facility during Trilo's 'Dealer Week'.

Trilo provides professional, time-saving solutions that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including clearing grass, hedge trimmings, autumn leaves, recreational waste and litter or scarifying, mowing and vacuuming grass in one operation. Trilo can boast many years of experience in the fields of design, manufacture, sales and service of maintenance machines for public parks and gardens, the turf industry and golf course maintenance.

"We haven't raised our prices in three years," says Peter Mispelaar, Sales Director of parent company Vanmac. "In fact we need to reduce prices to remain competitive. In order to do that we have to redesign products in some cases and change our manufacturing processes so that our production is more efficient." he went on to say.

The introduction of 'Lean' manufacturing techniques will help in that goal and is expected to increase output by up to 33 per cent. In addition the extensive use of standard parts, over several product ranges, has been the driving force behind product redesign. However, the company will not deter from the core build quality of rigidness and reliability that is the hallmark of a Trilo machine.

DSCF5291The first of the more competitively-priced products is the S4 vacuum sweeper and the B7 blower, now significantly cheaper than their nearest predecessors. They boast more efficient, but attractive designs.

Peter Mispelaar again, "Today's market is a very fast moving one. When a facility decides to buy they want it now, not in 6 weeks' time. Budgets are only being released on a need basis so if we want to make the sale we have to have the product in stock. That's why we have €3 million worth of products 'built-for-stock' ready for immediate delivery across Europe".

The Leaf Blower range begins with the pedestrian model that has an Airflow rate of 108 m3/min for the smallest parks & garden leaf clearance, up to the largest trailed version with 385 m3/min suitable for large open spaces and road verges.

To cater for the removal of debris Trilo's Vacuum units have been developed to allow rapid vacuuming of leaves, litter, grass, wood chippings, horse droppings etc. Boasting 2 models with either 400 or 600 mm centrifugal fan blades, the advanced design means they create less noise and low resistance. The manually operated collection tube is statically and dynamically balanced for easy operator functionality, and there are a total of 6 versions to suit various collection units.

Versatility comes to the fore with the Vacuum Sweeper units in that material can be drawn up and conveyed into a collection unit in one pass. Volumes of 2 m3 to 18 m3 can be accommodated over 11 models.

Further versatility comes with adding a verticutting unit so that green surfaces can be scarified and the debris collected all in one pass. For those end users that already have a collection unit the verticutting units are available separately.

These professional, time-saving, solutions can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including clearing grass, hedge trimmings, autumn leaves, recreational waste and litter or scarifying, mowing and vacuuming grass in one operation. The result is an economic solution with the combination of many functions via a single piece of equipment. In addition the efficient operation and high qualiwww.thegrassgroup.comty build of Trilo products make for an extensive lifespan.

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