"Trimax PegasusS2 loaded up for the off".

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4 x Peggy on low loader.jpgThis little lot is the last third of a keenly anticipated shipment of 12 PegasusS2 493 Classic mowers ordered by one customer for delivery in January and February.

Over 50 Councils throughout the UK and Ireland now operate Trimax Pegasus mowers. Many operate fleets, with as many as 6 in use at one Council in the North East of England and fleets of 2, 3 and 4 being commonplace.

The benefits of mowing large areas with a Trimax Pegasus 493 or 610 (16' or 20') are especially significant in these times of recession where we are all looking at our running costs. PegasusS2 mowers work as ideal replacements for cylinder gangs but are significantly less expensive to run and maintain.

The ultimate test is the cut finish and the economics and we have evidence from repeat after repeat from many satisfied Council customers that the PegasusS2 finish satisfies at an agreeable price. PegasusS2 is an ideal mower for tackling all sorts of large grass areas found under local authority control - parks, playing fields and golf courses being typical applications. Other applications include mowing of race courses, turf farms and airfields.

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