Trimax ProCut S4 Ensures Pristine Grounds at Mount Kelly

Caroline Shawin Machinery & Mechanics

Mount Kelly in Tavistock, U.K. sits on 140 acres of what must be among the best tendered and manicured school grounds and sports fields anywhere in the world.

The ground staff, led by Matt Stevens, is particularly concerned with maintaining the appearance as well as the health of the grass on the pitches and fields. With the standards of playing surfaces always on the rise, this job was consuming increasing quantities of manpower and time. Matt had also become concerned that their mowing equipment was no longer up to the job.

Trimax - The Perfect Solution

While mulling the best means of maintaining the Mount Kelly sports fields, Matt had a chance encounter with David Mann, the Groundcare expert from Vincent Tractors and Plant. As Matt puts it, "I was persuaded by Dave that people in the groundcare industry are snapping up Trimax mowers because they are that good."

Matt soon had two Trimax demo units to try out. He hitched them to the school's Kubota L series tractor to put Dave's claim to the test. "I had a demo of the Procut S4 and the Striker. Both great machines but the Procut just hit that higher mark mainly because of its wider size."

The Trimax North Star: Low Cost of Ownership

Expanding on the efficiency of the Procut, Matt touched on a key point of the Trimax corporate philosophy - low cost of ownership. Efficiency is designed into every aspect of all Trimax products and Matt illustrated the point, "The efficiency of the mower is excellent! Being wider than others I can cover more ground, saving time and fuel. Also the turn around time has been cut from previous attachments as the Procut is so easy to take on and off the tractor."

Quick turnaround means the tractor can easily be used for other tasks between mowing sessions. However, Trimax's attention to detail and the resulting cost and time savings can be appreciated from Matt's expansion on what the S4 is like to operate and maintain.

He said "I have found the Procut really great in all aspects. The RapidSET Height Adjustment is super easy to use and can be done out on the field rather than back at the workshop. Cleaning the machine off is really easy. Everything is accessible. It was a really good idea to have the 3 metal covers on the top that easily open giving access to the belts for easy cleaning and any maintenance that will be required."

The Procut S4's Excellent Results Speak for Themselves

As we mentioned above, expectations are sky-high when it comes to grounds and sports surface maintenance and appearance. Quality is a Trimax byword and this shows where it matters most - in the end result.

Matt had this to say on the issue, "It has improved the look of our pitches by a great amount. This is what I am most impressed by as it is the most important factor. The quality of cut that the Procut gives is outstanding. I haven't ever seen a mower that you can cut slighty longer grass than normal (because of furlough) even in the rain and it doesn't drop a single bit of grass clippings and gives an excellent finish to the surface.

"Also having a front and rear roller irons out the pitch surface giving that excellent proud stripe effect. The rollers also make turning easy, with little ground disruption."

The final word comes from the Mount Kelly Sports Director, Bobby Skelton, "The new mower has made a huge impact on​ keeping our large playing fields in excellent condition , a particular challenge at this time of year when lots of Cricket ​is being played and the grass is growing at its fastest. ​The new mower has allowed us to meet this challenge and our pitches look spectacular."

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