Trimax UK Elite Dealer Awards

Caroline Shawin Industry News

Since they opened their first UK office in the 90s, Trimax have worked closely with expert dealers to make sure their products and services are right for UK customers.

Every year, Trimax Mowers celebrate their partnerships with the Trimax UK Elite Dealer Awards.

UK Dealer of the Year: Lister Wilder

This award goes to family business Lister Wilder for the sheer volume of Trimax groundscare machines they've sold this year. "This is only our first full year of trading with Trimax across our whole region but it's already become one of our leading franchises," says Lister Wilder Sales Director, Phill Hughes. "We're delighted to have won this award; it highlights the effort my sales team have put into promoting Trimax this year. They've really excelled themselves across the entire territory."

Outstanding Dealer Commitment: George Browns

Trimax say winner George Browns, shares their customer focus. MD Chris Brown says: "We've achieved this by having efficient practices and procedures to make sure machines are installed in a professional manner. In the same way that a poor demo results in no sale, a poor installation results in more problems throughout the lifetime of the product. We make sure we give customers the right information in terms of safety, working practices and maintenance and with reliable professionals like Trimax, Parts, information and advice are readily available. That all adds up to success."

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Rising Star Award: Godfreys

An impressive increase in year-on-year sales of Trimax machines clinched this award for Godfreys in 2015. Godfreys' Director Peter Bateman says, "Trimax are an innovative company and they invest confidently in each launch, making sure we understand new products with good awareness information, demonstrations and training. It's clear to me that Trimax have a clear vision and want to build good relationships with their Dealers; they approach everything in a mutually beneficial way."

Customer Engagement & Excellence: Lister Wilder

Trimax created the Customer Engagement & Excellence Award to recognise those dealers that make the most of positive customer stories. The last 12 months saw Lister Wilder run a whole host of successful promotions and mini-PR campaigns, sharing happy customer testimonials, photos and videos. Phill Hughes attributes this win to Lister Wilder's recent emphasis on digital channels: "We've focussed a lot this year on social media marketing via Facebook and Twitter and it's starting to pay off. Social media is a relatively slow, long-term build, so we're really excited to see what we can achieve next year."