Troon Abu Dhabi experience the extra benefits of the Air2G2

Charmian Robinsonin Machinery & Mechanics

Troon Abu Dhabi is using the Air2G2 Air Inject from Campey Turf Care Systems to further their aeration programme on three world-leading courses.

The property group operates and maintains the spectacular Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club and Yas Links Abu Dhabi. This trio of courses has hosted prestigious events such as the popular European Tour Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship and the first Ladies European Tour event in Abu Dhabi.

Keeping these world-renowned courses to the highest standards brings about its own challenges in the desert heat with little rainfall. It is the job of Group Head Mechanic Troon Abu Dhabi Proper-ties, Richard Koen, to oversee the machinery used by each greenkeeping team of 20 per course. Initially sceptical, Richard now sees the Air2G2 as a vital part of the operation.

"I first got to see and work with an Air2G2 back in South Africa," Richard begins. "To be honest I was a little unsure at first, as I was unfamiliar with the concept and the technology behind the de-velopment of the machine. But, despite looking complicated, I soon realised that the Air2G2 is simply designed and easy to operate, and at the time we only used the machine on a rental basis as and when we needed it, so my experience was limited. Once I moved to Abu Dhabi, I was lucky enough to have a new Air2G2 in my fleet.

"The Air2G2 has not replaced any machine or agronomy practice but rather is giving additional benefits. We got it to help with compaction and salt build-up caused by the quality of water we have at our facilities. It gets very hot in the UAE, and the Air2G2 allows us to provide deep aeration in the soil profile without exposing or opening the entire surface to the desert heat compared to more traditional aeration methods.

"Due to the Air2G2's minimal disturbance to the playing surface, we can use it more frequently, creating more oxygen exchange in the profile, allowing us to better flush salts.

"And the no disruption element is a very important aspect for us. Our goal is to present all turf and putting surfaces in the best possible condition to our members and guests and using the Air2G2 al-lows us to do routine aeration throughout the year."

Nick Brown Campey Product Specialist for Campey Turf Care said "We are delighted to have Aldar Golf as customers of the Air2 and Campey product portfolio. It is important to have close working relationships with customers like Richard in the Middle East Region. When companies like ours work closely together we invariably discover new fresh machinery solutions to help the Turf mar-ket in all our International regions".

The Air2G2 uses three probes to latterly inject pressurised air up to 12-inches beneath the surface of the soil to fracture the compacted layers that form as a result of foot traffic, mechanical traffic and daily wear and tear. Because the air is injected directly into the root zone, the surface of the turf is left undisturbed, allowing play to continue instantly.

For more information on Campey's range of Air2G2 products, visit

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