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Double A Trading has enjoyed a highly successful year as UK distributor of the Tru-Turf Roll'n'Spike Golf Greens Roller, now an essential part of the machinery fleet for golf courses all over the British Isles.

With the latest RS48-11C model being featured at Saltex 2008, the Tru-Turf roller incorporates a unique patented triple offset roller system designed to smooth the turf by its action rather than by using its weight.

The proven Honda 6.5hp engine is coupled to a superior Eaton 11 transmission to cope with the toughest of operating conditions. Between the triple offset green smoothing rollers and vulcanised rubber coated drive roller is mounted a secret weapon, the spiker roller. Working to 30mm deep, the spiker gently opens up the surface, relieving any compaction.

Course managers and greenkeepers are unanimous in their praise of the Tru-Turf roller, as the following testimonials illustrate:

St Andrews Links
At perhaps the most famous golf course of all, the Old Course, St Andrews Links - which Tiger Woods recently described as his favourite - a new RS48-11C joined five existing models last year.

Links superintendent Gordon Moir, who is responsible for all turf matters at St Andrews Links, says: "We now use a Tru-Turf roller on all seven of our courses two or three times a week. It is ideal to keep green speeds up, and works so well that we have been able to keep our cutting heights up. This reduces stress on the sward and results in healthier turf."

Gordon reports that the Tru-Turf roller is also extremely user-friendly. "It is straightforward to operate and to manoeuvre around the course. The rollers also follow ground contours well, which gives a very smooth finish and is also ideal for restoring surfaces after deep aeration work."

Downfield Golf Club

At Downfield Golf Club near Dundee, the Tru-Turf roller was purchased in spring 2007 to help prepare the 18 hole parkland course for its Open qualifier.

"The RS48-11C has been a major influence in improving green speeds, while retaining a sensible height of cut. The greens surface is left smooth and fast and more importantly not under any stress," explains course manager Paul Murphy. "We have been able to increase
mowing heights by 1mm and the greens are still running fast and smooth. Even for tournaments we can cut at 4mm, which is better for the turf in the long term."

In use three times a week, with a couple of rolls immediately before a tournament, the roller has really made a difference, says Paul. He points out that the spiker really sets the Tru-Turf RS48-11C apart from the competition. "This attachment gently opens up the surface and lets the air in, it is very useful."

After a year's hard use, Paul reports that the RS48-11C still looks like new. "It is extremely robust, and we believe it is the best on the market. I have recommended the Tru-Turf roller to other greenkeepers and there are now a lot of Tru-Turf models in this area!"

Aberdovey Golf Club
Nestled between the Cambrian Mountains and Cardigan Bay, the scenic Aberdovey Golf Club's 18 hole championship links course was established in 1892. Assistant head greenkeeper Rhys Butler saw the Tru-Turf roller in action at St Andrews and was highly impressed. "You could really see the results," he explains. "It is such a simple concept but produces a superbly smooth finish to the greens."

Aberdovey's Tru-Turf roller was delivered in April, and Rhys was keen to try it out. "We are able to achieve more pace and smoother greens, which enables us to cut less often and leave a longer sward, "he says. "The roller is so easy to use and manoeuvre - it is built onto its own trailer and we simply hitch it onto the back of the quad between greens."

Rhys also reckons the Tru-Turf Roller represents good value for money. "It is well worth the cost for such fantastic greens. Golfers notice the increased pace of the greens and have commented on how much better they are."

La Moye Golf Club

La Moye Golf Club, home to the Jersey Seniors Classic, invested in two new Tru-Turf rollers for use on its 18 hole championship course this spring.

"Ride-on greens rollers are the ideal rolling solution, and the Tru-Turf is the best I've used," says course manager Richard Cutler. "For producing smooth greens and improved ball roll it can't be beaten."

He also finds that the spiker roller provides useful additional aeration, further enhancing its benefits for turf health. The Tru-Turf roller's reputation for durability and use of proven components was also a factor in the purchase. "The Honda engine is known to be reliable and the roller looks really well built," adds Richard.

The London Golf Club
The London Golf Club has a long history with Tru-Turf and enjoyed support from Double A, who supplied additional machines to back up the club's own equipment for its recent European Open tournament.

Assistant course manager Glenn Kirby says that the Tru-Turf is the best greens roller of its kind on the market, explaining: "It is just so manoeuvrable with its Easy Trailer system. The two roller steering means that it is easy to use, so new operators can be trained quickly. We have a large team to look after two 18 hole courses and it is essential for our greenkeepers to be able to use many different machines to a high standard."

Quality greens are essential for the prestige tournaments and corporate fixtures held at the London Golf Club, and Glenn comments: "The Tru-Turf roller has improved green speeds, reduced the frequency of cutting, enabled us to maintain higher cutting heights and minimised stress on the turf."

Having used the Tru-Turf rollers since 1995, the London Golf Club can also testify to the build quality of the machine. "They are extremely well built, but also simple so that any maintenance can be done in-house. We have always enjoyed excellent back-up from Tru-Turf and expect it to be even more seamless now that Double A is representing the brand in the UK," says Glenn.

He delivers the ultimate compliment: "I would recommend the Tru-Turf Roller to any course manager - it is the simplest and most reliable roller that I have used."

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