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Wessex International have chosen Saltex as the venue for the launch of PolarOne, their new range of professional salt and grit spreaders for winter maintenance. Built in the UK to take on the harshest winter conditions, the spreader is constructed using stainless steel components and fixings together with powder coating for anti-corrosion longevity. Durability and weight saving are also the thinking behind the self-supporting design of the polypropylene hopper and integral liquid brine tank. PolarOne can be trailer or vehicle-mounted. There are two models, the WS-900 (900L) and WS-1200 (1200L) and each has three options.

Model ST is a manually operated machine for those who just want a basic spreader, no speed control or data logging. Model GT has all the functions of the standard machine but with the addition of GPS speed control. The system monitors changes in forward speed and spread widths to ensure precise application and minimal material wastage, for increased profitability. The Commander has all the above with the addition of full telematics to remotely monitor the salt spreader back at base. The set- up would have access to a real-time webpage and opens up a variety of additional facilities such as route logging, reporting and ring-fencing for fleet and productivity management.

The PolarFlo vibration system is a patented auto vibration control to manage consistent material flow, which is totally new and unique to the industry. The spreader is suited to a wide variety of vehicles with its adjustable spinner height coupled with a convenient fold up feature. The spread direction is easily adjusted to bias from left to right by moving the feed chute position and there's a safety emergency stop. PolarOne's extended auger design allows better weight distribution in the host vehicle and the large diameter auger, with delivery tunnel, manages the spreading of a large range of materials without blockages or leakage.

Wessex have achieved a unique, low maintenance design with the PolarOne spreader using no engines, belts, chains or grease points. The in-cab digital controller, with GPS connectivity, will adjust material delivery according to your vehicle speeds to maintain a consistent application rate. A speed optimisation indicator will help you optimise your driving speeds to improve the accuracy of spreading and productivity of your equipment and reduce material wastage. There's a wide range of optional extras and plans to introduce pre-wet and spray bar options. Brine will be available in 2020.

Wessex will also display their ProLine range of commercial mowers and turf machinery at the show. See the PolarOne spreader and latest ProLine on the Wessex International stand number K060 at Saltex.

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