Turf growers take positive steps to address water shortage

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Turf growers take positive steps to address water shortage
Members of the Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA) have united to address the drought problems which are likely to affect them and their customers.

The association has formed a steering group to call for an exemption from any hosepipe ban for newly-laid turf and to look at practical steps it can take to protect growers and reassure end-users.

"Although there are no current restrictions on water usage other than in the South-East, we recognise that water shortage is an issue which will affect everyone involved in the turf industry in the future. That's why we're taking proactive steps now to address it", commented TGA Chairman Stephen Edwards.

"In the short term, we're looking into the use of recycled water and water-retentive soil conditioners. In the longer term, growers are working with leading seed companies in the development of new, drought-resistant turf grasses which require less water both at the time of planting and throughout the life of the turfed area."

"In the meantime, all our members are committed to supporting and advising gardeners, landscapers, sportsturf managers and contractors who are buying and laying turf. Anyone who's concerned should seek advice from their supplier."

A 10-point guide to choosing, storing and laying turf in dry weather is now on the TGA website at www.turfgrass.co.uk.

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