Turf tools field six

Carol Duttonin Parks

Turf tools field six "new to the UK" machines

By Carol Dutton


Exhibiting at their first European exhibition, Turf Tools fielded no less than six, new-to-the-UK machines, all PTO driven with the ability to be mounted to any tractor from 35hp to 100hp. The company's SC-50 Stump Grinder, delivering three to four times the power of a dedicated machine with little difference in purchase price, and featuring single direction cutting with an 85cm cutting wheel, was joined by a Post Hole Borer, (the 901 Auger), a Trenching Machine, (the B612 Trencher) the G25 Stone Burier, the FT6-200 Flail Mower and the VP10 Cable Plough.

"We aim to give turfgrass professionals access to the best turf equipment products from leading companies in Canada, the United States and Australia (among others)," Jonsson explained, "and Saltex is an opportunity for future customers and dealers to evaluate our machines' suitability for the U.K. market. As a company we're committed to providing value, but our business model is based on long-term results. We will only represent a company or it's products when we are satisfied that everyone can stand behind what is being offered, and we have acquired the necessary knowledge and training to professionally support them."

Based in Lagam, Southern Sweden and formed just six months ago, Turf Tools has already developed a dealership network in neighbouring European countries and is now looking to do the same here.

"The U.K. represents 50% of the potential European market," continues Jonsson, "and as such, is very important to us."

For further information on Turf Tools Europe AB contact John Millen in the first instance on Tel: 01622 843383

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