Turfsaver, a scarifier and overseeder all in one machine

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TURFSAVER SIDE SHOT.jpgThe Turfsaver is a new machine from the US that de-thatches and overseeds (or fertilises) in one compact unit ideal for contractors and groundsmen.

Fitted with blades to verti-cut, it covers a 22-inch wide swathe in a single pass.

Manufactured by SourceOne, innovative designers of the Plugger aerator, reliability is guaranteed

Self-propelled, by a powerful 10hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine, it has four forward speeds plus reverse and neutral to enable the operator to choose the ideal speed for the job.

Knife spacing goes from fine (20mm/0.8inches), normal (40mm/1.6inches) or flail reel to match the job in hand.

Blades are made of high carbon steel with eight teeth per blade ensuring a clean finish and minimal disruption.

The seed or fertiliser spreader is rust-proof with a see-through cover to enable the operator to easily check the content level.

The DJ Turfsaver slices up to 20per cent more turf than comparable models to increase seed penetration and germination.

The optional flail reel can be installed in minutes to allow the Turfsaver to be used as a premium dethatcher even in rough terrain.

Large pneumatic wheels and well-designed handlebars create excellent weight balance making the Turfsaver light and easy to use and manoeuvre

Says David Jenkins, managing director of DJ Turfcare: "The Turfsaver will be incredibly useful to turf professionals because of its versatility. To have one machine capable of doing many jobs makes this a vital piece of kit, particularly for groundsmen and contractors."

A special introductory price for IOG Saltex reduces the cost of the Turfsaver to £1,982 (plus delivery and VAT) - a saving of more than £600.

DJ Turfcare on 01483 200976 or e-mail sales@djturfcare.co.uk. Visit www.djturfcare.co.uk

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