Twenty Questions with Kim Blake

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KimBlake2Kim Blake - wasn't born yesterday ... just in case his staff are reading this!

Who are you? Kim Blake, Course Manager at Fulford Heath Golf Club.

Family status? Married to Sue, with one son and twin girls all in their 20s.

Who's your hero and why? Ayrton Senna. Did not know the meaning of not winning.

What is your dream holiday? To follow F1 motor racing around the world for a season.

What annoys you the most? People who ask a question, but will not listen to the answer.

What would you change about yourself? I'd like to be twenty years younger.

Who wouldn't you like to be? Greens chairman at a golf club!

Favourite record, and why? Bachman Turner Overdrive, You ain't seen nothing yet. Happy memories.

Who would you choose to spend a romantic evening with? My wife Sue. If she could not make it then it would have to be Demi Moore.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? Ask Sue if I was dreaming!

If you were to describe yourself as a musical instrument, what would you be and why? Drums - keeping everything in time.

What's the best advice you have ever been given? Everything is possible, just find a way of doing it.

What's your favourite smell? Sunday roast.

What do you do in your spare time? Grow vegetables.

What's the daftest work related question you have ever been asked? Why do you and your staff only work on Ladies day?

What's your favourite piece of kit? Graden contour sand injection machine.

What three words would you use to describe yourself? Hard working, friendly and approachable.

What talent would you like to have? To be able to speak in public without getting so nervous.

What makes you angry? Staff who think I was born yesterday.

What law/legislation would you like to see introduced? A law to stop the Government making so many stupid laws.

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