Twenty three years on and the New Coremaster Xtreme is still ahead of the game

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campey logoIt was 23 years ago when Richard Campey purchased his first PTO operated turf aerator - the Coremaster. Now the new Coremaster Xtreme is added to the product range and is still at the forefront of 'ground breaking' technology as it was all those years ago.

The Coremaster Xtreme turf aerators are not called Xtreme for nothing. They are the pinnacle of robust construction and they operate with the utmost of ease and quietness. A new design features the latest aeration technology, ensuring these exceptional machines always produce perfect vertical aeration holes with no distortion or disturbance of any sports turf surface including fine turf or fairways. There are two models; the Xtreme 8 for greens and tees and the Xtreme 12, powerful enough to aerate a full fairway, yet still precise enough to also be used on greens and tees.

Coremaster XtremeThe Coremasters are fast and versatile utilising a quick change tine system to accommodate a variety of hollow, solid, and quadra tines at depths of 1" - 9" (25mm-225mm) for solid tines and 1" - 8" (25mm - 200mm) for hollow. They will achieve an impressive 40,000 sq ft per hour with a coring swathe of 42" (1050mm) on the Xtreme 8 and 50,000 sq ft per hour at 62" (1560mm) coring swathe on the Xtreme 12.

What the Coremaster Xtreme offers is a complete sports turf aeration package which gives ease of operation, efficient power to performance ratio, precise delivery and all with low maintenance. All as true to the Campey ideal today, as it was 23 years ago.

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