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Jason Connaughton, Course Manager at Yeovil Golf Club, says that he could not ask for anything more when it comes to the grass seed, customer service, and advice he receives from Limagrain UK.

MM seed hits the spot for Yeovil Golf Club

Set on the outskirts of the town of Yeovil, this fabulous golf club boasts two excellent courses: the eighteen-hole Old Course and the nine-hole Newton Course. The two courses are divided by the River Yeo, which uniquely separates the two courses into two counties with the Old Course located in Dorset and the Newton Course in Somerset.

The experienced Jason Connaughton, who has worked at some top courses in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, is the man responsible for the upkeep of both courses. Now in his fourth year at Yeovil, his work across the 189 acres and 27 holes has been widely recognised, but he admits that due to the club's location, it is not always plain sailing.

"The Newton Course is built on a flood plain which can cause issues," he said. "The sixteenth green and seventeenth tee are at that same level, so they flood fairly often. When this occurs, there is a temporary green we use but this also tends to get very wet.

"On this small green we were commonly finding issues with moss and other problems - we also needed a grass seed which would be better for wear tolerance. I was not about to use a bent or a fescue because in the past I have found these too hard to establish on this site.

"Therefore, I spoke to both David Bevan from Agrovista Amenity and Matt Gresty from Limagrain UK - and they both suggested I try MM50."

Limagrain's leading MM50 mixture is a 100% ryegrass formula which is perfect for achieving consistency throughout a course. This hard-wearing mix has rapid germination, very fine leaved appearance, high shoot density and is tolerant to very close mowing, along with high disease resistance. All these attributes together produce a fantastic sward that has great colour all year round.

"We put MM50 down and it established so quickly - it was incredible," said Jason. "There is more work to be done on the temporary green, but we've got the right seed now and the coverage is so much better - there is a huge improvement."

After being impressed with the results he achieved on the temporary green with MM50, it led Jason to evaluate other areas of the course.

"After seeing how good MM50 was, it made me realise that we were not getting much out of the other brand of seed we were using," continued Jason. "I soon made the decision to exclusively use MM50 for divotting and overseeding on the tees, fairways and aprons - and the results have been fantastic.

"It is such a lovely fine rye - the wear tolerance is fantastic, and the establishment is perfect. It ticks all the boxes for me, and the members have noticed the difference."

In further pleasing the members, Jason revealed that he uses a range of Limagrain UK's Colour Splash mixtures. The range has a floral arrangement for every requirement - whether it be a golf course, a local authority green space or any other establishment that has an area which needs brightening up.

"We have them spread out in visual areas across the course and the members and visitors absolutely love them," said Jason. "Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are great for the environment and it's lovely to see so many bees around the place. They are cost effective too - especially when you consider the impact that they have."

Jason concluded by praising the support he receives from Limagrain UK.

"With Limagrain, it shows that you don't have to be a big high-end golf course to receive the best support. They listen intently to what we want to achieve, and it means a lot to me when someone invests their time in talking to me and helping. I want to work with people who have our best intentions at heart, and I get exactly this with Limagrain UK.

"I couldn't ask for more."

For further information, please contact Limagrain UK on 01472 371471 or visit the company's website

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