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8426 1Kings College School Wimbledon has two main sportsfields, one surrounding the school in Wimbledon itself and a larger, 13 acre ground at Kingsway. Separate machinery fleets are kept at the two grounds, which cater for football, rugby, cricket, hockey and tennis with TYM 60hp T603 and 23hp T233 tractors providing the muscle at Kingsway and a 43hp T433 at Wimbledon.

Acting Head Groundsman James Waller is based at the main ground, which is some 4 acres, and he explains that the tractors are matched to specific equipment on the two sites. "The 43hp T433 is kept busy with an Amazone ProfiHopper flail mower collector throughout the rugby season but also pulls a hired-in seeder, a slitter and a Sisis Quadraplay maintenance implement. At Kingsway, the 23hp T233 has a loader fitted and as well as being used for materials handling, does an invaluable job with the dragmat on our synthetic pitches."

"On the larger ground, the T603 gives the power to pull a Major rotary mower and a big sweeper but we might borrow it if we hire in a Verti-Drain or a bigger seeder, or the staff at Kingsway may borrow our Amazone ProfiHopper to go behind it. It's important to specify the right tractor for your needs and the T603 would be too big for our pitches. The T433 provides plenty of power for our needs while being compact enough for easy turning at the end of a run."

8426 4James suggests that the competitive price of the TYM tractors was a big attraction, but adds that the comfortable cab has proved a big hit with the groundsmen. "The visibility is good - you get a great view of the implements and the TYM tractors are really straightforward to use with simple, well laid out controls. The gear levers are clearly marked and you can easily choose the right ratio for the job in hand."

Despite the keen price and straightforward layout, James comments that the T433 does not skimp on specification, and its 1300kg lift capacity, two spool valves and 51 litres of hydraulic oil flow are ample for the range of implements used, including the Amazone ProfiHopper, which has hydraulic tipping.
"It does everything that we need and offers the combination of power and compactness required for this ground."
Surrey Power takes care of all servicing but James adds that the tractor's layout offers good access for daily checks. "We have had the T433 for two years and the school would expect us to keep it for at least ten." James comments, "They look to be plenty durable enough and we have a good relationship with Surrey Power, so we can easily and quickly get any replacement parts required."

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