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Etihad stadium might have had their surface looking the best it had looked all year, not that the 100 thousand plus crowd that came through the gates over two nights to cheer on U2 noticed. Have a look at how the stadium prepared for the biggest ticket in Melbourne this summer.

Picture perfect Etihad Outside of the AFL season, Etihad Stadium normally takes a back seat from the unwanted headlines that can come with being Melbourne's most used multi use stadium. A few big drawing A-League games on the picture perfect summer pitch should be an easy summer for the hard working grounds team. Well think again, because there is never a dull moment at Ethiad.

So, I almost felt sorry for the grounds team watching the stripped up manicured surface getting covered up in preparation for the U2 double header concerts. Then all my guilty thoughts slipped away as I realised I had tickets for the first night's show!

Ground LevelAs I stood under the big spaceship with my beer being knocked around and slopping out onto the poor covered surface, I can't remember once thinking about the work that would have to go into getting the surface back up to scratch for the soccer in the new year. Indeed, the only thing I really recall thinking as I sung along to "Sunday Bloody Sunday", is perhaps my talents are wasted in the turf industry with a voice and the charisma I ooze! I will spare you all my front man dreams for now at least and continue with the story at hand.

Etihad has had a busy concert schedule already this summer with the big U2 concerts and thInside the spaceshipe singing mullets Bon Jovi, already gracing the arena. Another big New Years Eve show is planned with Armin Van Buuren, one of the world's best DJs helping Melbourne bring in 2011.

After the concerts then it's back to business as usual with the Melbourne A League Derby between Victory and Heart on 22nd January. No doubt they will expect nothing but the best surface for the big blockbuster which could impact on making the finals for both teams.

So, next time you're bopping your head along to a tune this summer at Etihad, Suncorp, ANZ or any of our fantastic stadiums, spare a thought for the teams behind the scenes making the transitions from sporting surface to concert hall, Supercross track or even bringing back the glory of Rome in Ben Hur.

During the Show
Live inside Etihad Live inside Etihad Live inside Etihad

The Clean Up & Damage
Damage after the U2 Concert Damage after the U2 Concert Damage after the U2 Concert

Have a look at the timeline before the U2 concerts at Ethiad Stadium, the massive set up took eight days to build.
All photos were taken from level 3 around aisle 31 at around 11am.

Wednesday 24th November
U2 concert at Ethiad Stadium

Thursday 25th November
U2 concert at Ethiad Stadium

Friday 26th November
U2 concert at Ethiad Stadium

Saturday 27th November
U2 concert at Ethiad Stadium
Sunday 28th November U2 concert at Ethiad Stadium

Monday 29th November
U2 concert at Ethiad Stadium
Tuesday 30th November U2 concert at Ethiad Stadium
Wednesday 1st December. U2 concert at Ethiad Stadium

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