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MC20 English LanscapesIf you are engaged in regular or large scale weed control using glyphosate to control weeds on hard surfaces or in and around shrubs and trees and you are not using a ULV sprayer, then the probability is you are spending a shed load of money in both labour and chemical that you could have saved.

In the worst scenario, you may be using a knapsack sprayer, those instruments of hard labour that weigh up to 25 kilos, give you arm ache pumping them all day and then run out every 20 minutes or so when you are by then 200 yards away from your support truck! So it's a 400 yard round trudge to the truck and back (carrying all that weight when refilled) before you can continue spraying where you left off, not to mention ten minutes messing around refilling, measuring herbicide and mixing. Take all that time out of a working day and you will find that about 40% of your time is non-productive, non-earning down time. And you will be pretty knackered by the end of the day, so you will slow down too.

It doesn't have to be so if you pick up a Mankar ULV lance weighing about 3Kg, but un-noticed as that weight is shoulder slung. Fill up with 500ml of Roundup Pro-Biactive 450 and off you go, spraying continuously for the next couple of hours with no return visits to that support vehicle and still feeling fresh as a daisy! If you take a litre or two extra herbicide in a back pack, you can re-fill in 5 minutes and literally carry on spraying all day.

MC20 A MANKAR 110 P Select EL (11)

No water see? Just neat herbicide applied. And it gets even better, when you realise that this clever application system virtually eliminates spray drift, enabling you to continue working in weather conditions where you would have had to retire using either a knapsack sprayer or a CDA lance. Not only that but its technology means you can apply that herbicide at just half the normal, water applied rate, thereby saving 50% on the herbicide cost!

It's no wonder then that big contractors, local authorities taking their weed control back in-house and numerous others who put a value on their labour time and material are beginning to adopt this system to cut costs or simply to make life far easier and safer for operators.

DSC02210Widely used in horticulture and across many countries around the world, Mankar ULV (Ultra Low Volume) applicators have been adapted from hand held lances onto pedestrian operated wheeled models , right through to tractor and utility vehicle mounted spraying systems. Even here, that ability to work all day without needing to return and refill with water is a big saving. Even water costs money these days!

With the arrival of the EU's Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive, that requires users to minimize the use of pesticides, especially in public places and to use spot or targeted spraying of weeds rather than overall blanket spraying, the Mankar ULV system delivers exactly what this legislation requires. Coming from Germany and Holland, where minimizing pesticide use has long been a big priority, the system has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of herbicide and cut out the spray drift which all types of pressure fed hydraulic sprayers always generate.

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