Unique, New Four-in-One Combo feeds Fine Turf for 25% Less

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EnhanceVitax has combined a conventional fertiliser, a slow release organic fertiliser, Amino-Sorb R and a natural bacterium into a homogenous mini granule that feeds fine turf with an application rate 25% lower than parallel products.

Enhance R, with even granules of between 1 and 2mm contains Amino-Sorb R, that stimulates healthy, deep rooting, increases wear resistance, stimulates chemical uptake and maximises the benefit of pesticides and plant growth regulators.

"The addition of Amino-Sorb R resulting in enhanced root activity means that there's better nutrient uptake and less leaching from both the conventional and slow release organic fertilisers. More nutrients go into the plant and not into the drains," says Vitax Amenity's Technical Manager Bill Riley. "In addition to Amino-Sorb R, there is also a natural bacterium that colonises the root zone, so offering some protection to the roots from pathogens, as well as encouraging deeper rooting and consequently plant health. All these factors combine to make the fertiliser elements in Enhance R more efficient which means that the product will perform well at application rates 25% lower than you would expect from conventional fertilisers."

This makes Enhance R cost effective, and environmentally friendly with a need for less storage space.

"What we've done is bring four proven components together in one product," Bill continues. "Each element has its part to play in producing strong, steady, even growth with good colour."

Enhance R is suitable for use on Golf Greens, Bowling Greens, Cricket Squares and Grass Tennis Courts throughout your maintenance programme, at application rates of 15g to 25g per sq metre ie 150kg to 250kg per hectare.

For further information on Vitax Enhance R visit www.vitaxamenity.co.uk or tel: 01530 510060.

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