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Biocides can be used by people in the course of their job or business, or by members of the public in their homes.

See the latest information about the use of Biocides on the HSE Website :-www.hse.gov.uk/biocides/using.htm

As biocides are intended to control harmful or unwanted organisms, it is important that there are safeguards to ensure these products can be used without causing harm to people, the environment or wildlife.

Everyone who uses biocides is responsible for ensuring that they use them correctly and effectively.

General public users

Biocides that can be used in the home by the general public are approved for 'amateur' use. This means that the person using the product does not need specific training. However, the information and instructions found on the product label must be followed so that the biocide is used safely and effectively. You must always make sure that you read and understand the label before you use the product, and that you follow the label instructions carefully.

Many other biocides are approved for much larger commercial / industrial uses. These 'professional' products must, by law, only be used by those who have had the appropriate information, instruction and training. Professional biocidal products should never be used by the general public.

Professional / industrial users

Professional / industrial users are those people using biocides in the course of their job or business, who have received appropriate information, instruction and training in their use.

The type of training required should cover issues such as the law, correct use of biocides and how to carry out a risk assessment under the Control of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). Those using biocides have a duty to properly assess each planned usage, considering the options for treatment and the potential risks involved. This will ensure that a product is used in a way which reduces any risks from its use.

There are numerous courses in the UK on different aspects of biocide use, run by private consultants / firms, trade associations and training bodies. HSE is not able to recommend any specific training courses.

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