“Use controlled-release fertilizers to save money while improving turf health”

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Stuart Staples, ScottsStuart Staples, Scotts Professional's International Technical Manager, says that turf managers can save time and money while improving the health of their turf by using controlled-release fertilizers.

"Conventional fertilizers can release all of their nutrients immediately after application, producing a quick turf response in terms of colour and growth, but the flush of growth results in nutrients being lost through increased clippings removal, surface run-off, leaching or gaseous losses," he explains.

"Controlled-release fertilizers deliver their nutrients over a specified period in a consistent and reliable way, so losses are minimised and nutrient use efficiency is greatly improved. While the price per kilogram is greater than conventional fertilizers, the long lasting effects of the product, reduced nutrient losses and the saving in labour costs compared to repeated applications of a conventional fertilizer, means that multiple savings can be made over the course of a season."

"In addition, providing a steady supply of nutrients rather than a 'feast or famine' approach has been proven in trials to improve turf health and resilience," he adds.

Scotts' Sierrablen range of standard size controlled-release granular fertilizers is suitable for use on turf cut above 12mm, such as golf tees, fairways and sports pitches. Sierrablen is available in longevities of 2-3 months, 4-5 months, 5-6 months and 8-9 months. The Sierrablen Plus range of mini controlled-release granular fertilizers is suitable for use on turf cut above 6mm. Sierrablen Plus disperses rapidly into the sward and is available in longevities of 3 and 4-5 months.


Both feature Scotts' cutting-edge Poly-S, and for some analyses, PACE coating technology for a consistent delivery of nutrients and total turf safety.

Sierrablen and Sierrablen Plus are available to buy online at Pitchcare.com or from appointed Scotts distributors. To find your nearest distributor, visit www.scottsprofessional.co.uk

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