Van Vuuren Turf Harvesters Join the Campey Range

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Campey Turf Care Systems has added the Dutch-made Van Vuuren Turf Harvesters to their industry-leading staple of machines.

Van Vuuren has been the leading supplier of machinery for the turf industry since 1988, with their technological innovations offering turf growers optimal results under any circumstance.

Lee Morgado Sales Director of Campey is delighted to be adding the Van Vuuren equipment to the Campey line-up. "We've known the company a long time and have a good relationship with them. Together, we can provide the sales, service and back-up network to drive the whole range, in particular the The TurfTick® 2316 Universal Stacker and BigTick® 1040 turf harvester, forward in the UK and Ireland."

The TurfTick® 2316 Universal Stacker and BigTick® 1040 turf harvester follow the traditional Campey attributes of being reliable, widely compatible, easy to maintain and user-friendly whilst excelling in their operation.

TurfTick® 2316 is the ultimate single-operator, Universal Stacker. Compact, proven, economical, and durable, it is ideal for turf growers with a harvesting capacity of approximately 900m2 per hour. Due to its compactness, the TurfTick® 2316 offers less downtime compared to other automated turf harvesters. This results in high production efficiency and low operating costs.

The high weight of the machine makes it possible to harvest a constant thickness of turf rolls, even under challenging conditions. In addition, several pallet sizes are stackable, with an optional injector for seven pallets.

The BigTick®1040 is durable, heavy in weight, and has a solid design. It is the best and most economical solution for harvesting high-quality large turf rolls. With the speed of operation offered by the BigTick®1040, a high production capacity of 2400 meters per hour is achieved.

A big turf roll has a maximum width of 40 inches (1m). Harvesting two 20-inch (0.5m) turf rolls is possible by installing the optional centre colter disk. This turf harvesting machine delivers consistent thickness and compact large turf rolls using top-quality blades to ensure first-class turf rolls.
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