Ventrac unveils new flail mowers

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Continuing their commitment to produce the highest quality accessories, Ventrac has added two Flail mowers to its growing list of dedicated attachments.

All decks have a flip-up option for easy maintenance, enabling access to the knives for sharpening or replacement

Flail mowers are a perfect choice for any overgrown area, so the new patent-pending Fine Cut and Fast Cut mowing decks are in a class of their own. With out-front mounted couplings unique to Ventrac, these attachments provide a quality finish on tall or dense areas of vegetation for fast and efficient turf management.

Add Ventrac's capability to mow difficult areas such as slopes, wet areas, or retention pond, and these new decks will ensure an enhanced appearance for any property. Ideal for landscaping applications on slopes, wet areas and retention basins, these mowers make previously impossible turf management situations, possible.

The two available models, Fine Cut (MW series) and Fast Cut (MY series), feature unique knife choices and offer two width options for more versatility of cut, speed, and application. Cutting widths for the decks are 1.42m (56") and 1.83m (72") and offer the most versatility for specific property needs.

The Fine Cut Flails (MW560/MW720) are equipped with scoop knives, and will achieve a quality cut with a more finished look on grassed areas mowed between three and eight times per year.

The Fast Cut Flails (MY560/MY720) feature Y-shaped knives, for taming dense and brush-type material. The Fast Cut is an excellent choice for areas of overgrown brush and woodland margins that do not require regular mowing, while providing a superior finish to that of a typical rotary rough-cut mower.

The Fine Cut Flails (MW series) excel on grassy material that's mowed between three and eight times per year / The Fast Cut Flails (MY series) are ideal for cutting dense or brush-type material

"The introduction of these two new flail options complements our existing Tough Cut rotary mowing deck", said Rupert Price, of Price Turfcare, the distributor of Ventrac products for the UK and Ireland. "All decks have a flip-up option for easy maintenance, enabling access to the knives for sharpening or replacement."

"Although powered by a sub-25hp Kubota diesel engine, we have enough residual power to provide a rotor speed of 3,000 rpm. This is vitally important as it's the speed of rotor that dictates the speed and efficiency of the cutting knives and, ultimately, the quality of cut and finish."

"Ventrac has made a conscious decision to keep the power unit of their 4500 tractor unit below the 25hp emissions threshold of Tier 4 legislation. It continues to surprise end-users with the power generated by a relatively small engine and its ability to effortlessly drive each and every attachment. Very rarely do you hear a change in the engine note or experience a loss of power. It is one of the major selling points of the machine."

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