Versatile battery powered irrigation controller

Rob Druryin Drainage & Irrigation

Sometimes a standard mains powered irrigation controller cannot be used or is impractical - where power is unavailable or hard landscaping makes it impossible or too costly to run mains cable. Rain Bird's new 9v WPX battery operated controller is ideal for such situations.

IP 68 compliant, 100 per cent water and dust proof, the WPX is fully submersible and ideal for installation in a valve box. It can be used in wet or muddy conditions and a tightly sealed dual battery chamber and waterproof case keeps water out.

Available models provide irrigation over 1,2,4 or 6 zones. They can offer multiple run times by zone, with all common programming functions accessed on the LCD screen with easy to read icons. For fast initial set-up, Contractor Rapid Programming™ automatically copies the start times and watering days from the first zone to all others. Automatic zone-stacking ensures that only one valve irrigates at a time.

Dependent upon usage, the WPX will operate for about one year, using a single 9 volt battery, or up to two years with two.

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