Very important survey for the amenity sector

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Very important survey for the amenity sector and 2021 free updating events on all aspects of weed, pest & disease management announced

The Government is funding a major survey of the amenity sector to increase its understanding of the total amount of plant protection products used, their modes of application and the key reasons for use. It is vitally important that the sector fully supports this work as it will form the basis for future policy and strategic decisions, and it will provide very valuable information for use across the sector.

A similar survey was conducted in 2016 but participation was low which reflected badly on the sector. This time the Forum has been consulted to help ensure the survey is as straightforward as possible and relatively easy to complete. This way it is hoped that participation will be much higher, and that good and sound data can result.

The survey will be sent out electronically and, if you are selected to receive one, the Amenity Forum is urging you to complete and return promptly. It is understood that there are many calls on time, but this survey could prove really important to all. The surveys will be sent out from the week commencing January 18th

Professor John Moverley, Independent Chairman of the Amenity Forum, says ''2020 has been an unprecedented year bringing with it personal tragedy and impacting on all our lives not just now but for well into the future. It has shown how vitally important is the work undertaken in amenity management helping keep our transport networks operational, our parks and green spaces safe and sustainable and our sports areas fit for purpose to name just a few aspects of amenity. This survey will help provide really important information to guide future policy and I urge everyone to participate if approached''

Also, during February and early March, the Forum is holding its popular Updating Events. This year they will be held online on 5 dates. They are half day events, and free but pre-registration is required. For further information, please contact With the changes facing us all following BREXIT and the review of the UK National Action Plan relating to weed, pest and disease management, these are important updating opportunities for all involved or with an interest in amenity management.