VIDEO SHOWCASE - Spraying with precision

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John Deere's new advanced technology GPS PrecisionSprayer, available exclusively for use with the ProGator utility vehicle, allows sports turf professionals to work more accurately, safely and productively.

With features such as AutoTrac satellite guided automatic steering, a full-colour in-cab touchscreen display and individual nozzle control, this easy-to-use sprayer also lowers input costs through reduced overlaps and misses.

The GPS PrecisionSprayer uses satellite technology and mobile RTK (real-time kinematic) navigation down to accuracy levels of 2.5cm to allow users to create reliable spray coverage maps. It also captures all spray data and analyses the results, which streamlines documentation and provides robust analytics for recording and legislation purposes.

Royal Aberdeen Golf Club was the first UK golf course to buy a commercial version of the sprayer, from dealer Double A, and course manager Robert Patterson believes it was definitely worth the investment.

"I remember when we had a stand-alone sprayer for the first time, with Deere's HD200 replacing a tractor-mounted machine, and I thought that was the best thing ever. This new technology is even better - it's definitely a big move forward from what we've ever had before."

John Ledwidge, Head of Sports Turf & Grounds at Leicester City Football Club, also bought the first of these new machines to be delivered to a non-golf customer in the UK, from dealer Farol.

"Adopting this new precision technology will help in our aim to be as efficient and environmentally sustainable as possible in everything we do. The John Deere GPS PrecisionSprayer means we can apply exactly what is required without overspraying or overspending."

Visit for further details and your local John Deere turf dealer to arrange a demonstration.

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