Vollie Carr wins 2011 IGCEMA Edwin Budding Award

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Budding award 026AVollie Carr, the former tournament support specialist at Jacobsen, one of the leading manufacturers of turf maintenance equipment, is the fourth winner of the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association (IGCEMA) Edwin Budding Award.

Vollie started his career in the turf industry in 1970, and joined the Ransomes company as a product specialist in the early 1980's. He subsequently joined the Jacobsen team when Textron purchased Ransomes in 1998 and served as the tournament support specialist until his retirement in 2009.

He is considered by many to be one of the industry's leading exponents when it comes to equipment design, maintenance, and adjustment to meet the needs of the golf course superintendent as well as the high standards set by the PGA and USGA. He is recognizable by many of the industry professionals, both the seasoned veterans and the new generation of turf professionals. In April he will again be present at the Augusta National Golf Club supporting the Masters' Tournament for the 31st time.

Introducing Vollie at the recent award presentation at the Golf Industry Show in Orlando, FL, Dan Wilkinson, president of Jacobsen said,
"I've known Vollie for many years and his expertise is recognized across the industry. His commitment, enthusiasm and all round knowledge of golf course equipment is second to none and I'm proud to call him a friend."

During the introduction he read out a letter of recommendation from Marsh Benson, Senior Director, Golf Course and Grounds at Augusta National Golf Club. This extract reflects the appreciation of Vollie's contribution to the industry.

Budding award 012A"Vollie Carr. What can I say? The man is a legend in the golf world. We have had the honour of knowing and working with him for some 23 years. Whether it was in preparation for the Masters Tournament or just some issue that needed to be resolved, he was always the man to call because he could make it happen …. when a tournament came around he was ready go and I mean two weeks prior to the start, helping us get everything ready. And if there was a problem, it never mattered what the colour the equipment was; he was there to help out … I know of no more qualified candidate to earn this great award than Vollie Carr."

The Edwin Budding Award was created to recognise technical professionals in the turf equipment sector whose actions have gone above and beyond the norm to help shape the golf industry into what it is today. Edwin Budding was one of those individuals who helped define golf, not as a player, but as an engineer. He designed the first cylinder mower, which has shaped golf as we know it today.

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